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ARM PLANETARY PROSPECTORS Asteroid Resource Mining Download For Pc [Ativador]l

ARM PLANETARY PROSPECTORS Asteroid Resource Mining Download For Pc [Ativador]

Download ->>> http://geags.com/1btesk

About This Game

Space Flight Mining Simulator, with a Psychological Survival horror twist.

Live the life of ordinary Deep Space Asteroid Miner, that wakes up everyday enslaved to mine asteroids for precious resources and minerals, while being under surveillance and supervision of an advanced alien A.I. controlled mega mining corporation A.R.M.

All while the Andromeda Galaxy is doomed to collide with the Milky Way, is all hope lost. Is there no way to stop it? Can some unlike heroes from different species set aside their differences and utilize each other strengths to endure fate, adapt and overcome destiny. Find a way to escape the mining prison barge, and safe your Family!

ARM will be remembereda unique Classic of being a vulnerable space miner trappeda prisoner aboard a mining barge converted into a prison for asteroid miners. Wake up, Mine, explore, then use your wits and skills to find a way to escape the barge and find her family.

Worka captive Asteroid Miner, pay off your debt, or find other clever ways to escape the malevolent AI overlords, orbiting Earth

+Worlds First Space Mining Flight Simulator
+Science based GeoPhysics inspired by Thermodynamics and Aeronautics
+Simulated Newtonian Physics based on Real factual science simulations
+Procedural Generated near infinite "Open World Multiverse" (Player is reborn,the consciousness has been trapped and now controlled by the AI)
+Fully Destructible Environments, mine asteroids and collect minerals to trade or have crafted
+Trade with merchant ships, while avoiding hostile raiders and rival mining corporations
+Find tools and have them crafted them in order to escape the prison
+Component and Systems damage, oxygen, water, fuel are only some of the systems set in play for survival

+Episodic content including rescue, repair, racing and archaeological missions (EP1 currently in Early Access)
+Psychological Survival Horror mixed with Anime style Quest and RPG elements
+VR Oculus Rift and HOTAS/Gamepad Support (Vive HMD support coming soon)
+Community driven receives points and rewards for finding bugs and coming up with new ideas

Can you be clever and find a way to escape the prison of being a slave space miner? Then build a mining fleet and become the wealthiest miniMofo in the Universe?

Episode One EARLY ACCESS (ND crew vows to continue to support Planetary Prospectors for years to come)

Bonus Future Steam Early Access for ARM:Planetary Prospectors Episode II

You have to wonder, “Am I free to be a slave, or is the AI messing with my mind?” There’s only one way to find out. Hatch an escape plan while you mine for the Company. Pound lasers into asteroids long enough, you might find an alien artifact and never work again. That is, if the pirates and corporate raiders don’t get there first. Their lasers are bigger, no offense, but you can upgrade, craft tools, and raid other mining camps for supplies. You do what you need to survive. Unless the AI controls you. Then all bets are off.

Your life in the 99% isn’t easy, not like the old days when there was enough for everyone. A debt slave to the Megamine Corporation, you scrape asteroids in the hope that one day you’ll find your little piece of the pie, just enough to peel off your bondage license and buy a ticket back to Euloo New Earth II.... If you don’t die first.

‘Cause dying is easy. Plenty of Luckless out here, poor bastards done in by ruptured oxygen lines, damaged comms, or off-kilter nav kits, the standard end-of-the-line equipment your credit chit can afford. That’s not counting the gas itself, which you extract night after night for propellant and Megamine profits. Sometimes, it propels you, deep into the everlasting darkness.

Nights are all the same. Wake up in a cage somewhere outside Koops Asteroid Belt, take orders from an evil machine, pound rocks all day will lasers and, if you’re lucky, slide some home brewed Hava past the collar to unwind.

It’s a lonely line of work, your friends being not so trustworthy, but there’s always the odd pirate ship to keep you company and spice up your day, even if it is your last. Megamine isn’t the only big player out here, and the gas isn’t the only treasure.

Ever since Deepworld scientists confirmed the existence of microbial life somewhere in the vicinity of Eeloa, your stomping ground has gotten a whole lot more crowded. Aliens are in vogue, and finding the first signs of intelligent life have brought out the crazies. Yeah, even crazier than you.

Just yesterday, the crew next door went off the reservation when their Debris Field Scanning Analyst (DFSA) identified a very strange anomaly coming from an oddly shaped asteroid. Could have been a wild goose chase, ‘cept they didn’t come back.

Wake up! Megamine just tasked you with finding them. Your orders are to fly into the asteroid tunnels and see what happened.

Just another one of those crazy dreams, this time without the night tremors...Well I better get out of bed, before that Xterminator comes for inspection. I really rather dream of breaking out of this prison, and find my family, that I only have a photo of ...that is...if they are still alive.

Try not to be a Luckless.

Daily Journal -Mining Cycle 632
Dr. Whoknows
Slave Space Miner Tag #3-259-00-9201

Still Early ACCESS our graphics and gameplay are subject to change. We reward our Community for making suggestions and finding bugs. We are an indie team that will keep ARM in EarlyAccess until it is ready to LAUNCH! Expected Episode ONE for Fall 2017. Come join the Community and make a difference and real impact!

If you are having any difficulty with the game, reach out, and report it to us first before putting negative comments. We want to work with you and make ARM a memorable and amazing game that players will appreciate for generations to come. 7aa9394dea

Title: ARM PLANETARY PROSPECTORS Asteroid Resource Mining
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Racing, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
NeFARiOUS Dimensions iNteractive, nDi
Nefarious Dimensions Inc.
Release Date: 15 Sep, 2015


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Quad Core Duo 2.20 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2 GB video card Dedicated DX 11 Compatible GPU
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Sound Card: generic

  • English

    arm planetary prospectors asteroid resource mining

    I cannot recommend this game at this time. First off, kinda lacking in direction from the start. It lacks an area to ease into learning everything. For the life of me I dont know how to get my drill to work again for example. Bland gameplay, at this time, makes me feelthough I am a prisoner within the game being punished for playing the game. Maybe in a few updates and more content I might revisit and update my opinion of the game. Finally, the game lacks any real thing to do other mine rocks.

    But, what they do have right is the physics and feel of working in space, which I like. It doesnt feel to "arcade"-y.

    I hope to see better things from this game, but seeingit is now 2017 and the state of the game I have serious doubts for this game.. The game has some serious graphical glitches at the moment that make it almost unplayable: textures are low res, shaders are broken (the planet is surrounded by a black border which pops through all foreground objects), lighting and shadows are borked.

    Worst thing is I posted about this two weeks ago and there's been no developer response at all.

    Its an interesting concept but unfortunately the game doesn't work at the moment.
    Also, the HUD doesn't look like it does in the first dozen screen shots. Its some really ugly placeholder looking thing.. overall I'd say this is one of the most disappointing gameplay experiences I've ever had in a game there is little to no guidance from the tutorials that actually helps you much and the frequency of crashing to desktop and freezing in freelook mode made this one of less then 5 games I've ever attempted to refund and mind you I kept No man's sky.

    By category:

    controls 0/10 very clunky and even once you get them hard to use and even after looking on guides I couldn't find the way to get back in the ship properly.
    storyline 3/10 so far didn't talk to more then 3 peepsyou are locked up at the start this held some real promise and I didn't dig too deep
    tutorial 0/10 almost useless
    mining 3/10 was pretty ok untill the drill broke before the tutorial explained how to fix it. and yes I did try to go and use the repair bay that was clearly marked click on ok and it didn't fix my drill very disappointed in that.

    overall experience:
    it has promise with literally a full overhaul of all the controlls and an actually helpful tutorial but in it's current state it was one of the most disappointing buys I've made on steam and I got it on sale.
    . ARM is, even though it's early Alpha stage, already delivering a space walking experience that I have found missing in other games of the genre. At this point the game focuses on mining, and does it quite well at that. Mining shouldn't be easy and managing battery power, oxygen, fuel and heat while simultaneously trying to catch chunks of ore is ...challenging - in a good way!
    Also worth mentioning are occasional debris fields hurtling through your area at dsiturbing speeds, giving you great opportunity to experience the detailed damage model and repair (EVA) system!

    Unique mining experience.
    Captures the gloomy, lonely and exposed feeling of spacewalks well (compared to other games, at least).
    Lots of controls available inside the MRM (the tub you're stuck mining in atm)
    Basic ontrols are easy to grasp.
    Advanced controls are available (full newtonian & subsystem controls).
    Great potential!
    Active and attentive developers.
    Ingame tutorial (could be improved though.)

    Unstable (had five CTDs during the first two hours of play).
    Limited content (Alpha - duh).
    Manual is outdated and there is a distinct lack of "how-tos".
    Tutorial repeats every time you enter the level.

    In short: If you enjoy realistic, gritty space sims, keep an eye on the beauty! Well worth the price at this point!. This game has been dead since almost the day i bought it...don't bother buying this please save your money. Steam shouldn't even be selling it.. Positive recommendationfarEArly Access games go. It is playable and has an interesting premise. The features currently implemented are more of a proof of concept teaser trailer. They introduce novel game dynamics that once fully built out, should make for an interesting game. Butthey stand they are sufficiently buggy to prevent extended gameplay.

    In its current state at the time of this writing, the game has numerous bugs that, at least for me, freeze the game up constantly, requiring a restart of both the application if not the entire save game.

    Buy it to get the sneak peek and support the dev. Don't buy it if you are looking for a game with hours of playability. At least for me on my system, it is little more than a brief demo before crashing. Buta demo, it demonstrates exciting possibilities.

    Good job devs, looking forward to when you find an investor, quit your jobs, and stop nibbling at this game's development part time.. It's not ready AND it's designed for a VR headset.

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